Lemongrass and Pandan Leaf Tea…

The Customer-Focused Strategy of Chip Conley

I’ve been in customer-focused roles my whole professional life, and this is one of the best summaries of strategy I’ve ever heard or seen:

If you’re good, and if you really understand your customer, it goes beyond the expectations, beyond the desires, beyond focus groups — it’s the thing you know that they want next, that they don’t even know they want. - Chip Conley on The Tim Ferris Show. overcast.fm/+KebsQmB1…

I got my wife a little something for her birthday…

“If you’ve ever gone through the normal cycle, you realize that if you can iterate that fast, that you’re just going to pursue more ideas, you’re going to try more things, you’re going to end up with a better result, You’re going to be more creative…”

  • Craig Ferederighi, on The Talk Show

Micro.blog meetup!

Meetup now! Yay!

An amazing episode of one of my favorite podcasts… here’s a little clip

Some stuff at Maker Faire is so ridiculous it’s awesome.


Pokit is a multimeter and oscilloscope with data logging, for $79. Amazing resolution and accuracy! Pokitmetr